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Remove Dust Cap from Brake Caliper

Some vehicles will have 2 separate bleed valves (inside and outside of caliper)

Using 11mm wrench, turn the bleeder nipple counter clockwise slightly until you begin to see fluid inside the hose. Be careful not to fully remove nipple.

If your caliper has two bleeder valves , please begin with the inside valve.

When you begin to see the fluid color change, you have successfully flushed this caliper. Old fluid will be much darker in color, compared to an almost clear new fluid.

Tighten nipple adequately 6-8 ft lb will suffice.

The Brake calipers furthest from the master cylinder should be the first one bleed followed the the next furthest and so on.

Maintain adequate fluid and pressure at all times on the Power Bleeder, do not let the fluid fall below the min line at any time. My recommendation is to release the pressure on the system after doing each wheel and top off the reservoir.

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